At Purple Ink, we understand the importance of constructive feedback in a writer’s journey. Our feedback services are tailored to provide insightful critiques aimed at nurturing your creativity.

We are offering several feedback options with our chapbook contest. See them out here.

Here’s a breakdown of what we offer:

With each feedback option, you will receive a letter discussing the strengths of your poem and opportunities to improve, as well as recommended readings and suggestions on where else to submit your work.

  • Single Poems:
    • Up to 2 pages in length.
    • You will receive a 1-2 page letter.
    • Price: $40
  • Single Poems-Feedback from two editors:
    • For submissions up to 2 pages in length.
    • You will receive a 1-2 page letter from each editor.
    • Price: $75

Longer Poems and Folios:

  • Up to 7 pages in length, to include at most 5 poems.
    • You will receive a 7-10 page letter.
    • You will also receive line notes for each poem.
    • Price: $150
  • Chapbooks:
    • 16-40 pages in length.
    • You will receive a 10-15 page letter.
    • You will also receive line notes for each poem.
    • Also included suggestions for the narrative arcs, themes, and poem order.
    • Price: $295
  • Full-length Collections:
    • 45-80 pages in length.
    • You will receive a 15-20 page letter.
    • You will also receive line notes for each poem.
    • Also included are suggestions for the narrative arcs, themes, and poem order and sections.
    • Price: $375

Please send all documents single-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman font, Georgia or Garamond. Our feedback process is structured to provide comprehensive insights while respecting your time and investment. Here’s what you can expect:

Detailed Feedback:

For every submission, our experienced editors will provide in-depth critiques addressing strengths and areas for improvement. All feedback options include a detailed letter; most include line notes, recommended readings, and suggestions on where else to submit your work.

Timely Responses:

We value your time. You can expect to receive feedback within a reasonable timeframe. We guarantee your feedback within eight weeks. Please note that the 8-week timeframe begins upon receipt of payment and all necessary documents.

Actionable Suggestions:

Our feedback isn’t just about pointing out flaws; it’s about empowering you with actionable suggestions to refine and elevate your writing to publication-ready.

Personalized Approach:

We recognize the unique voice and style of each writer. Our feedback is tailored to your needs, ensuring it aligns with your artistic vision.

Transparent Pricing:

Our pricing structure is transparent and competitive, offering valuable feedback at reasonable rates. All of our readers for the feedback service have degrees in writing and professional editing experience for reputable, long-standing literary publications.

Our written comments will be comprehensive, aiming to provide detailed insights into your work. While the length of the comments may vary depending on the complexity of the submission and the depth of feedback required, you can expect each critique to be substantial enough to offer valuable guidance for improvement.

At Press Purple Ink, we’re committed to supporting writers at every stage of their creative journey. Whether refining individual poems or preparing a full-length collection, our feedback services can help you hone your craft and achieve your literary goals.

Edited work that has gone through our feedback services is not guaranteed acceptance for any of our publications. However, we are open to considering works depending on editorial needs if the writer requests consideration for a particular project.

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Meet Your Feedback Editors

Picture of platinum blonde black woman

Yael Valencia Aldana
Founding Editor/ Managing Editor
Art Director

Yael Valencia Aldana is the author of the chapbook Alien(s) (Bottlecap Press) and the forthcoming poetry collection Black Mestiza (University Press of Kentucky, 2025). She is the winner of the University Press of Kentucky New Poetry and Prose Series Prize 2023 in poetry. She is a previous guest editor at five well-known literary magazines. She teaches creative writing at FIU. She lives in South Florida with her son and too many pets.

young blonde woman in front of palm trees

Madison Whatley
Senior Editor

Madison is a South Florida poet and 2023 graduate of Florida International University’s MFA program. Her poetry has appeared in FreezeRay Poetry, SoFloPoJo, and Cola Literary Review. Her poetry manuscript was recently selected as a Semifinalist for the 2023 Berkshire Prize by Tupelo Press. She is a former Managing Editor of Gulf Stream Literary magazine.