We are thrilled to announce that Purple Ink Press will publish a print edition of Chameleon Chimera: an Anthology of Florida Poets originally curated by Lenny DellaRocca. This anthology features over 100 Florida poets. Look for the anthology later in 2024.

Our Mission

We love books that shine a light in unexpected and wonderful places. We champion voices that might otherwise remain shadowed. We love work about the homes we make, wherever that might be, in the people we know, the homes we have made, the music we love, in the friends we make family.

We are Fundraising!

The incredible Julie Marie Wade is loaning us her image to help us fund our mission to publish what is in between but needs to be seen. Declare you are a crazy poet and support us. Visit our shop!

We are working on some saucy anthologies.

Check out our current calls for submissions.

Send us the pieces you aren’t sure what to do with, poetry and prose together, prose and art, work we have never seen before, work we couldn’t imagine exists. Surprise us!

We are BIPOC founded and especially seek to amplify BIPOC
and Queer voices.

Please Note: We are not currently accepting queries.